Design cooling vitrine COUNTRY HOUSE WOOD ART

Electric refrigerated display case for the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet and wherever there is no sufficient space for a refrigerator.
The refrigerated display has a frame made of Swiss stone pine and bears on the front a hand carving with typical country house motifs. It is a hand carving made by an artist and thus each piece is unique. The set comes complete with a GN 1/1 stainless steel tray and a high quality roll top with golden handle.

The special feature of this refrigerated display case is that it can also be operated in heat mode.

In cooling mode, the cooling plate reaches a surface temperature of + 4 ° / + 6 ° C.

In heat mode, the plate reaches a temperature of + 65 ° C.

environmentally friendly:
The device works without refrigeration compressor and without refrigerant.

The cooling is purely electric. There are no ice cubes or cooling batteries needed.
Due to its low weight, the device is easy to transport. The hood, the GN 1/1 sheet metal and the frame made of pine wood can be easily removed if necessary. This makes it possible that you only go with the hood and the sheet to the kitchen to fill the GN 1/1 sheet again. As a result, the food is hygienically protected during transport.

Less required space of 62 x 42 cm. Due to the less reqired space you can use the device almost on every buffet. The base is very low, so there are no large optical heights on the buffet, which probably interfere with the visual impression.

11 kg

power supply:
100-264 v. // 50/60 hz.

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