4 liter milk cooler horizontal version for installation under the coffee machine - model MC12 horizon.
You can put this milk cooler in a compartment below the coffee machine or put the coffee maker directly on the milk cooler. For this purpose, the housing of the milk cooler was reinforced in the upper area. However, the weight of the coffee machine must not exceed 30kg.
A milk hose lead-through is not yet installed and can be drilled when needed.
The device is equipped with a 4 liter milk container with lid.
The external dimensions of the device are: 206 x 313 x 600 mm / H x W x D
The housing is made of black painted sheet steel.
The interior is made of thermoformed plastic and therefore very easy to clean.
On the back is a mechanical thermostat knob.
The cooling is ensured by a powerful compressor.                  

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