commercial microwave oven marine execution

Programmable Commercial Microwave MW-1800-60 Hz.

This microwave oven is suitable for operation with 60 hz. onboard electrical systems on ships, boats and yachts.
This microwave is not suitable for use with 50 hz. power grids.

The device has a 35 liter cooking space, with flat glass ceramic bottom without turntable GN 2/3.

The microwave power has a maximum of 1,800 watts.

Programmable version with 20 individually programmable program slots, additional manual operation via keyboard possible.

The cooking chamber and the outer housing are made of stainless steel

chooking interior dimensions:
H x W x D: 200 x 370 x 370 mm

external dimensions:
H x W x D: 370 x 570 x 510 mm

33 kg

power supply:
230 volt / 60 hz. / 16 a.

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