Electric hot and cold plate GN 1/1 for the buffet.
Ideal for cooling without ice and without refrigerant.
The surface of the plate is made of aluminum. The lower part with the 4 feet consists of thermoformed plastic.
This substructure can be delivered in 4 different designs. The colors are anthracite (as shown), brushed silver, light gray or graphite.
Thus, the hot-cold plate integrates in most cases ideally in the environment on the buffet and does not disturb the visual appearance due to the low height.

desktop version:
Mobile and flexible cooling solution for food.

cooling function:
The surface reaches a constant temperature of + 4 ° / + 6 ° C.

heating function:
The surface reaches a constant temperature of + 65 °C.

environmentally friendly:
No refrigerant compressor, no refrigerant.

No ice cubes, no cold packs.

H x W x D: 88 x 360 x 560 mm

8 kg

power supply:
100-264 v // 50/60 hz.

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