The presentation of food and drinks is gaining more and more importance in the gastronomy and its related areas. The guest wants to select more and more often these days and decide himselfe what and how much he wants to have on his plate. However, today it is not just about a visually good presentation, furthermore it is about satisfying the perception of the customers. This includes among other things hygiene and cleanliness. Sensitized by repeated food scandals, freshness is more requested than ever. Beneath strict legal requirements, an uncooled slice of ham or a piece of dried cheese does not look tasty.

By this topic the electric cooling plates (hot and cold plates) of TOGETHER are of importance.

The plates are available in two versions. On one hand as table version, which is shown above or as shown below as built-in version.

With these plates food can be cooled without the use of conventional cooling technology during the presentation. Neither refrigeration compressors nor refrigerants are used. Even annoying handling with ice is eliminated.

As an additional advantage, food can also be heated on the same plate. Therefore you only need to flip the switch on the underside.

On the following pages you can inform yourselfe about the hot and cold plates, for questions about the produt or its use, we are at your disposal.



How do the cooling plates work?
These are electric cooling plates. The cooling plates are thus operated with electricity (electric).

What are the hot and cold plates suitable for?
The hot and cold plates are perfectly suitable for the buffet. They are ideal for the breakfast buffet as a cooling plate to cool slice of sausage, cheese and ham but also for the lunch and dinner buffet to warm the dishes.

Are the hot and cold plates made of stainless steel?
No, the surfaces of the hot and cold plates are made of aluminum. Through the fact that the surfaces are made of aluminum, the cooling/ warming line and cold/ heat storage is better than stainless steel.

Is the scope of application determined on gastronomy areas?
When the hot and cold plates were invented, we had the focus on gastronomy scopes of application. Certainly, beneath this area also other fields exist, e.g. as a cooling plate in the laboratory, in the technical field, in the presentation of food in general or in the area of fair construction. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have a different field of application, we are delighted to advise you.

Are the plates water cooling plates, cooling plates with batteries or eutectic cooling plates?
No, it is an electric cooling plate. It is powered by electricity.

I have only a 230 V power supply, is that sufficient?
Yes, this is not a problem. The plate is powered by a power supply as you know it from a notebook. So you can use a normal 230 volt mains connection. The plate itself requires only 24 volts direct current. That's why it can operate independently from the power grid, if you have +24 VDC available. So you can pursue it for example in sales vehicles, buses or advertising vehicles, if they have a + 24 volt electrical system or a 230 volt AC connection. Just contact us, we are pleased to advise you. Thus you can even use the hot and cold plates as mobile hot and cold plates.

Is it possible to install 1/1 GN cold plates firmly in my buffet-bar?
Yes, the cooling plates are dimensioned so that both the table and the built-in version can be equipped with GN 1/1 sheets, trays or bowls. For permanent installation in the counter, our built-in  model 3400 is ideally suited. The plate can loosely or solidly siliconized build in. In this case, both a surface-mounted and a permanent installation is possible.

Where can I buy the cooling plates?
You can obtain the cold plates from the catering supplier. Otherwise you can also contact us directly and you receive a non-binding quotation.

Are there any accessories or which accessories do I have to buy separately?
The cooling plate is delivered ready for use or ready for installation. This means that the power supply you need for operation already belongs to the scope of delivery. By the built-in version, we also supply an installation kit for the intake of fresh air. Additional you can buy accessories for cooling plates such as roller shutters, roller cover, hoods, etc. by your retailer.

How is the built-in version installed?
We have instructions for the installation of the plates we send on request.

Did I understand correctly that you can use the cooling plate as well as a heat plate?
Yes, both the table version and the built-in version can also be used as a hot plate as standard. The plates are equipped with a 3-stage switch, so you can put the plates on warm or cold function or switch them off. So one plate can both cool and warm. This is clever and saves money and space.




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